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Unison is a lvl 3 Perfect World International Guild on the Heaven Tear Server.
The Guild is based on the belief of helping each other, a family structure, united we stand strong.
No member is higher than another, ranks are there mearly to share the workload of running the guild.
Our main goal in game is to have fun,
we are party animals who enjoy all that the game has to offer
and no-one is left out.

If you would like to Join Unison please fill out an application form
and our recruitment officers will contact you shortly.

If you are a newly registered member please refer to the first post on the forum ty.

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 Application Layout

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PostSubject: Application Layout   Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:15 am

currently guild intake is a level 90+
plz use the format listed below to apply to guild.

Char name:



Reason for leaving last guild:

Reason for joining Unison:
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PostSubject: Re: Application Layout   Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:50 am

Char name: Baigon

level: 101

Class: Archer

Reason for leaving last guild: my last guild was Unison i did leave cause i was taking a break didn´t thought in any posibility for came back...... but im here again afther a year.

Reason for joining Unison: I was in Unison didn´t play in like a year and now im back i want to enter again if i can, maybe no one remember me but i can remember us and Unison was the best faction where i ever stay :P
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Application Layout
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